Monday, December 13, 2010

4 Steps to Improve a Credit Score With Bad Credit Auto Loans

Assume that you have been thinking of buying the dream car and you are bogged down by your poor financial reports. Your statements show bad credit ratings and low credibility. It implies you are in a bad position to take loans. If you are depressed over these bad credit scores and find it very difficult to cope with your financial conditions, it is time to relax.

The bad credit auto loans program can not only help you to buy the car but also help you improve your financial position. You may be surprised to hear that a loan can help your credit scores, but it is true. You can accomplish this objective if you stay focused and follow a definite plan in a disciplined way without mistakes.

Calculate: The idea of improving credit ratings with help of a loan is a revolutionary one which tends to benefit millions when applied properly. The first step is assessing. You will need to evaluate your financial position accurately. Know the key monetary strengths and weaknesses that you have. Calculate your income and expenses so that you know how much money you can spare every month in addition to your current expenses. That will be the exact amount you can afford as you monthly loan installments.

Search: Once you know your financial capacity and credit scores precisely, start looking for bad credit auto lenders who are willing to offer loans to people with poor credit you will come across numerous lenders. You can look in the banks, dealers, manufactures, credit unions and even private lenders. Many will be offering special discounts and promotional offers, do not be mesmerized by them. Stay alert and get all the details from these lenders regarding the loan. It shall definitely include aspects such as rates of interest, repayment period, discount offers, penalties involved, terms and conditions. By the time you finish collecting all the information, you will have a big dossier by your side.

Comparison: Now begins the pain sticking process of comparison. You will need to compare all the loan schemes you have in the dossier. You will have to determine the loan scheme that suits your requirement the best. You will also have to ensure that the monthly payment calculated for that particular scheme should be equal to or less than the affordable amount which you have calculated previously. If you choose a loan which is beyond your payment capacity, then the result may be disastrous as you will again end up with default payments and it will further take your credit ratings down.

Apply: Once you are sure about the loan, go ahead and visit the concerned lender. Bargain the rates and other details to get the best offer. Then apply for the auto loan with confidence. When your loan gets approved, visit the dealer where you had seen your car. Negotiate the terms and conditions with the dealer and get it into a written agreement. Once the dealer and you have signed the deal, forward the check to him and get possession of the car. Further, make sure that you do not default on any of the payments of the loan and with time your credit scores will automatically improve.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bad Credit Auto Loans - Drive Your Dream Car in Spite of Bad Credit

Having a bad credit prevents you from owning a new car? Do you have the passion to drive your own car? Do you wish to enjoy the luxury of driving your dream car? Passion is what required fulfilling your dreams. Do not be bothered if you have bad credit because of unfortunate incidents in the past. You can regain all the confidence and start living your life again with ease. The lenders are no more interested in your bad credit score. There are multiple offers available for such individuals and golden opportunities are being given to own the car and to improve credit score.

With the advancement in science and technology, sky is the limit to conquer. Similar are the conditions for availing bad credit auto loans. Having a bad credit will no way stop you from getting the car loan. Such incident has become a history now. The average rate of interest across the nation is 5.5% and it goes up to as high as 11%. However, people are lucky to get the loans from a base rate of 4.5% and it varies up to 7%. It is good to make use of these opportunities to build up the credit score and to fulfill your dreams. The Loan-To-Amount ratio differs from 90% to 125% traditionally. However, all these interest rates and the ratio will differ according to the lender. The interest rate might be slightly on the higher side due to the bad credit rating.

The borrowers have good chances to negotiate with the lenders to obtain better interest rates. It is good to avail lower monthly payments during the initial stages. Continuing the payment for a certain period of time will help you to improve the credit score. The individuals are eligible to apply for the refinance of car loans. The bad credit score is no more a truth and they can enjoy lower interest rates in the long run by which they can save more money.

The internet is the best place to start your search for genuine lenders. Good amount of research work is needed to find out information regarding them. There are many informative articles available that will help you to get educated about the loan process. You need to be aware of golden rules to be followed while obtaining the loan. Make sure to go through the providers reviews before you apply for the loan. Studying the pros and cons of loans and packages offered by lenders is a good idea. There are many guides available to pin point the frequently made mistakes. Go through such information in order to obtain the best of interest rates. Do not fell prey to lenders those who offer special discounts with lots of hidden charges and complex process. Read the terms and conditions properly before signing the loan papers. Bad credit auto loans are easy to obtain. Find a lender and make your wish true today!

Online auto lenders offer low interest bad credit auto loans for people with poor credit or no credit for any vehicle with flexible terms such as no money down and no prepayment penalty through the network of sub-prime lenders. Applying for online auto loans eliminates the applications fees that are normally associated with getting a car loan through a bank or automobile dealer.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pre Approved Auto Loans - Get an Edge over the Dealer

A pre approved auto loan is an easier and excellent way to buy the car. You will not only save money but also save yourself from the hassles of dealing with the terms and conditions of the dealers. You can use it whether you are buying car for the first time or your next car. In the following paragraphs, you will find some ways in which this can benefit you.

Financial report: Assessing your financial statements should be the first step. Get hold of your current reports of credit rating and go through it carefully. You will need to identify the mistakes if any before you proceed with the application formalities of the loan. If you find any mistake or error, get it corrected. The correct credit scores are important because the rates of interest charged by the lenders are completely dependent on the credit report. When you face a problem in understanding the scores, seek professional help of some expert or a credit bureau. When the credit scores are wrongly reported, it can not only place you as a risk factor with higher interest rate category but also may become a major hurdle in getting the loan approved.

Loan offer: Once you have all the necessary financial statements with you in their correct form, it is time to find a lender offering pre approved auto loans that suits you the best. You will have to look around for the lenders. You may find visiting every lender in the locality or town personally to find out the details which could be not only time consuming but also takes lot of energy and patience. You can relieve yourself from such efforts if you look for loan provider over the Internet. It will not be very difficult to find and get the information in fact you can get it in one click.

Blank Check or pre approved auto financing Amount Check: When you have all the information about the various loan schemes, you will need to compare them to find the most appropriate loan scheme for yourself. Thereafter, you can send your acceptance to the concerned lender regarding the quote sent to you by them regarding the loan. On such acceptance, the lender will send you either the blank check or check of the amount approved. This check is generally valid for a limited period of time such as two or three months. In case of blank check you can write down the amount of the car that you have negotiated with the dealer and give him the check. The amount however, should be within the credit limit set by the lender. You will also have to remember that mere acceptance of the check does not imply that you have taken the loan. The actual loan is given to you when you use the check to pay the dealer.

Benefits: Getting a loan that has been pre approved helps in numerous ways. One of them is that you know definitely how much money you can spend and can look for the car within your budget. Secondly, you know every details of the loan you have taken and there is no hidden surprise waiting for you in future. Thirdly, possessing the check draws serious attention from the dealer as they can readily get the money. It also puts you in a better position for negotiation. You can actually bargain to lower the rates of interest and other terms and conditions to suit your requirement.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can Bad Credit Auto Loans Really Help?

Bad credit auto loan comes as a solution to financing a car purchase especially if you have been under financial distress. Even when you have low income, or if you have bankruptcy on your credit report, there is no need to stay away from owning the much needed mode of transport. This loan can help you even when your credit scores are not satisfactory.

When opting for loan, most people tend to miscalculate and end up with a loan beyond their affordability. The interest rates are too high and they are not able to pay the monthly installments of the loan. The default payments result in lowering the credit scores you have and affect adversely when you apply for a loan again.

Effect: The poor credit score makes getting an approval of the loan a harrowing experience for most people. It is better not to apply in the traditional financial banks and institutions because they will perceive your financial condition as too risky to venture. Therefore, get enough information before you start the process of application.

Expectation: If you have bad credit rating, expect a higher rate of interest on loan quotes as compared to the other loans. This is because the lender thinks that you have default when it comes to paying off the loan. Your previous wrong decisions have a direct effect on your present and you cannot control the consequences. However, it is better not to give prime importance to it because it is only human to err. If you have the capacity of paying a higher amount of down payment, then it is easier to bargain the rates. Utilizing the extra cash reserve you may be holding is a wise decision to reduce your interest rates. Similarly, if you have a property or any asset (another car or house or machinery); it can become a collateral.

Any additional collateral of the same value as the loan amount covers the risk and assures the lender. It consequently diminishes the rates charged for the loan. Another key may be finding a co-signer who may be your parents, friends or relatives. The person should be financially sound with good credit scores. Then your loan application will be considered at par with new car loans.

Process: The key is a meticulous plan to sort out the financial condition you are in. The initial step is to review your finance structure. Understand the incomes you have and the amount you spend and save. You will have to find out the exact amount you can afford to pay every month other than the existing expenses without turning yourself broke. Thereafter, meet the lenders, dealers, manufacturers who are ready to give the loan. Gather information in details about every aspect of the loan from interest rates, repayments periods, terms and conditions applied, discount offers, etc. These details will need to be compared to choose the loan program that suits your affordability the best without driving you off the edge. Then you can apply for the loan and on its approval can buy the car you have been waiting for.

Easy Auto Finance Company offers bad credit auto loans for people with poor credit or no credit history with flexible terms such as no money down and no prepayment penalty through the network of sub-prime auto lenders. Applying online can eliminates the applications or processing fees that are normally associated with getting a car loan through a bank or auto dealer.